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Browsers Welcome! (June 12, 2018)

The Captain's Book Shoppe show room is open daily 1 - 5 PM.

1570 South First Avenue

Iowa City, Iowa

(319) 351-3166

We market fine books at affordable prices.

We also appraise books and book collections for insurance purposes. The initial consult is free, where we assess appraisal options. Our appraiser must physically see, feel and smell the book in order to fully assess its value. No virtual appraisals are made. The Captain's Book Shoppe LLC strictly adheres to the ethical standards of rare book assessors. If the Captain's Book Shoppe accepts money for making an appraisal of a book or collection, we will not buy that book or collection. If the Captain's Book Shoppe LLC serves as your appraiser- and cash was exchanged for the appraisal, we cannot market your book or collection that was appraised by us.

If a Captain's Book Shoppe Customer requires authentication of a book value for a book purchased from us, we will provide it at no charge. (Please note: Poor handling after purchase or wear and tear on a book after purchase- may decrease its value.)

If you desire to sell a single book or a whole collection, the Captain's Book Shoppe LLC can assist you. Some of the standard options are:

1. The Captain's Book Shoppe LLC buys the book or collection from you. (Please understand, we buy low, and sell at affordable market prices.)

2. The Captain's Book Shoppe LLC sells your book or collection on consignment. Terms and rates are negotiable. Once your book is sold we send you a check or will pay you cash for the book we sold. The Captain's Book Shoppe LLC keeps a sales commission and also pays the sales tax for the sale.

We restock our shelves on a daily basis. We welcome and encourage browsers to visit our show room. Please stop by to see our new arrivals!

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