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Vintage Collectible J.R.R. Tolkien


The Children of Hurin

Deluxe Edition

Illustrated, with Slipcase & Bookmark Ribbon
Published 2007


Hurn 9 Paper
Hurn 10 Ribbon
Hurn 6 Color
Hurn 7 Color
Hurn 8 Color
Hurn 5 Back
Hurn 3 Foldout Map
Hurn 4 Fold map back
Hurn 1
Hurn 2

The Captain's log

The Captain's Galley

Curated for You

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Sorting Room & Cargo Hold

This is an interactive "working-shop" page...  cook books and recipes awaiting entry into the showroom (or cataloging onto the internet)...  

The number and types of books, continually rotate... 

Please pardon the construction as the books and boxes get sorted. 

If you wish more information about a specific book, or wish to buy, please call

the shoppe at:  (319) 351-3166


Send an email: 

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