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The 2024 Captain's Book Spring Book Hunt

Captain's Book Shoppe is closed April 16 - May 11, 2024. The Captain is out of the country hunting books. The most interesting, unexpected development while preparing for this trip was how to care for all the bookstore plants. Books love low light, but plants are another story...

The books were easily "tucked in" and actually prefer low light. Who knew they made cameras that can see so well that you can read a book in the dark?

Motion detectors to the security service (then local law enforcement) means the Captain must not be overly concerned about the welfare of his books while he is gone. Though, his plants that have been with him since the beginning- were another matter. While the books will enjoy three weeks of dark solitude, the plants need light to survive.

The Captain ultimately decided that the bookstore plants would be granted shore leave. They were sent on vacation to get some sun. [A few of the plants look like they have been locked in Tom Clancy's U.S. nuclear submarine the U.S.S. Dallas (Los Angelos Class sub) from the book Hunt for Red October]. Thankfully, the Captain's business neighbor: Fresh Feel Fade, was willing to plant-sit.

One plant that is an original crew member (plank owner) is Ms. Ivy. She is a bit of an exabitionist. She likes to stretch out and sun herself. Every winter her vines get too close to the storefront window when it is thirty below zero. When she touches the glass, it zaps her into a deadly shock. The Captain brought her home to the sunroom so she could recuperate. A few years ago, the housecat, Princess Elizabeth, chewed up the leaves of Ms. Ivy like corn on the cob. Oddly, the plant survived and has thrived.

The cat and dog have to be separated and must have different sitters during the Captain's travels. The plans to care for the four legged "individuals" were meticulously planned and successfully executed. The thing which was not computed was the importance of the plants in the Book Shoppe.

The plants are a part of the store's identity. Shutting down for three weeks without a plan for the plants would have been ugly. Thankfully, in the real world, one must not have a contingency plan for every little perceived crisis. Things often work themselves into a feasible solution. Particularly when you have a great business neighbor. Thank you, Fresh Feel Fade!

Captain's Book Shoppe Resident Ms. Ivy in May 2021

Captain's Book Shoppe Resident Ms. Ivy in April 2024.

The Captain's Book Shoppe LLC is closed until 11 May 2024. Check in often at (and the Captain's Log) to be informed of unique and interesting items which have been found.


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