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FAQ: Does Captain's Book Shoppe Buy Books?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Captain's Abridged Book Buying Guide

June 29, 2024

FAQ: Does Captain's Book Shoppe Buy Books?

Yes! The Captain buys used and rare books by appointment only. Please give him a call at: (319) 351-3166.

The Captain does not buy textbooks, records, CDs, cassette tapes, video games, movies or VHS tapes.

Depending upon condition, the Captain may consider accepting donated magazines or comic books.

FAQ: How Much Does the Captain Pay for Books?

Each situation is unique,* depending upon market conditions, and the individual book. As a general rule, the Captain pays roughly 25% of assessed value.

*Note: bulk book buys are often less than 25%

FAQ: What is the Captain Currently Buying?

The Captain buys science fiction, fantasy, Hard Boys / Nancy Drew, Dungeons & Dragons and horror in generally any condition.

He buys books about books to include author bibliographies.

He is currently buying LARGE PRINT BOOKS of any type (in good condition).

He accepts donations during normal business hours.

Depending on the tides and the market, he maybe willing to buy other topics. Please give him a phone call.

He makes house calls to examine large collections (fees and mileage charges, may apply).* Please call the store at (319) 351-3166 for more details.

FAQ: Does the Captain Buy Entire Library Collections?

Yes, the Captain has historically bought entire book collections. Such transactions take time to plan, coordinate the crew to pack and haul the books. Logistically, such an event requires a three-month lead time to schedule.

Book Collection Consultation House Call Fee:  Begins at $25** plus mileage to location.

**Fee waiver may be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

FAQ: Can I Drop Off My Books for an Assessment without an Appointment? No.

The Captain does not have the space to temporarily hold your books. Any books left at the store without a receipt are considered a donation and promptly processed [sold or recycled].

The Captain only buys books by appointment.

No appointments required for browsers and book buyers.


The Captain enjoys assessing mysterious books. He looks forward to initially assessing your items at no charge if you have an appointment. He has a backlog of projects for paying clients expecting their book projects to be done on time. Thank you, for your understanding.

Initial consultation interview (by appointment):  No Charge

Books Brought into Store (without an appointment): begins at $30

Mileage:  .75 a mile to and from location. No mileage charge for North Liberty, Coralville, Iowa City (No mileage charge for locations within 15 miles of the store.)

Book Collection Consultation House Call Fee:  Begins at $25 plus mileage to location.

*Fee waiver may be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

For those wishing more information about a smooth transaction, please refer to the Captain's Unabridged Buyer's Guide at the below link. The Captain's book buying methods are not a secret. It is the same process for everyone.

If you are wondering about the value of your book, you may wish to refer to the below link: A Primer to Determining Book Values.

Thank you, for considering the Captain's Book Shoppe to take a look at your books. An appointment to look at your items does not guarantee that the Captain will make an offer to buy your books.


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