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Captain's Log: The Story of the Book Seller

Dustjacket Bio

July 7, 2022

First Edition, 2nd State: December 5, 2021
First Edition: June 29, 2021

Some call me Captain Jeff the Bookseller.

I am the other Jeff (not to be confused with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos).

I was once an American Soldier (for 26 years). Now, I sell books.

I deal in recycled thought.

Occasionally, I deal in the rare original thought.

The Captain’s Log

The Book Adventure Stories

I am a book detective. I investigate, acquire (sometimes not in that order) and sell for a slight profit, interesting books. On rare occasions, I read the book before I sell it! I enjoy discovering past and current truths. My focus area is Americana. The Captain’s Log is my book discovery adventure series (nonfiction about fiction).[1]

I track down hard to find books for clients. Every day, I am intrigued due to investigating "a new" ancient find and assessing how society currently values it.

This biographical essay is about books. The target audience is the prospective client with one, a few, or a mass collection of books. Am I someone you may wish to contact about your books? This will help to answer that question.

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): I am particularly interested in the history of conflict and its resolution, biography, maps, farming, manufacturing, and science fiction/fantasy throughout the ages. The books can be new or ancient, in any condition, and preferably in English or German. My other interests change daily with the tides as the market ebbs and flows. I only buy books by appointment. Please call (319) 351-3166 to discuss the best options for your situation. Thank you.

Bottom Line, Current list of what I am buying:

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