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New Sci-Fi Hits Captain's Book Shoppe (Published August 8, 2018)

Captain’s Log: August 8, 2018

Today marks our 60th day of business from 1570 South 1st Avenue.

These are the tales of the Captain’s Book Shoppe, a bit of Europe in Iowa City. Our store is comfortably small, but contains vast hidden treasures not listed on our web site. We are an independent book marketer that maintains a strict confidentiality with our clients. We do not disclose, release, sell or give away our supplier, client, or customer information without their consent. Book browsers are always welcome at the Captain’s Book Shoppe. In other words, our customers will not show up in this blog.

We also appraise books and book collections for insurance purposes. The initial consult is free, where we assess appraisal options. Our appraiser must physically see, feel and smell the book to fully assess its value. No virtual appraisals are made. The Captain's Book Shoppe LLC strictly adheres to the ethical standards of rare book assessors. If the Captain's Book Shoppe accepts money for making an appraisal of a book or collection, we will not buy that book or collection.

Prior to becoming General Manager and owner of the Captain’s Book Shoppe LLC, I served over thirty years in the US Army. During that time, I collected books from all over the world. I apply the team building skills refined while in the army to build a network of book experts that assist the Captain’s Book Shoppe deliver the confidential expertise to our clients. We are always looking for talent and we are always on the search for great books. Please stop by. Browsers welcome!

Science Fiction Update.

a. On September 28, the Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids is showing “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.” William Shatner will be there, live on stage. He will talk about his time as Captain James T. Kirk. Ticket prices start at $62.

b. The term “new” is rarely a word I can legitimately use as new inventory arrives. But, our first box of new books has arrived! Our first BETA test with new books is with Fickle Dragon Publishing. Author Jamie McFarlane has twenty published fictional works. His sic-fi Privateer Tales series is a growing sensation. You can purchase his published printed works in our store for less than Amazon Prime. If you are a science fiction enthusiast, that enjoyed the Firefly TV Series, I recommend you give Rookie Privateer a try. You can download Rookie Privateer for free at: . Once hooked, stop on by Captain’s Book and buy the book for less than you can get it from Amazon!

As you stop in to get your copy of Rookie Privateer, I’d recommend checking out our other sci-fi and fantasy pre-owned books. Every time we get a new batch in, our competitively priced books are swooped up like it is shark week. If you are looking to find a new home for your fantasy or sci-fi, please consider bringing it to the Captain’s Book Shoppe. We are open 1 – 5 PM daily. We do not assess book values on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Deal of the Week.

Select English dictionaries and thesauruses are 50% off from Sunday, August 12th – Saturday, August 18, 2018. Military / veteran discount cannot also be applied to the deal of the week.

Until next week,


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