The Journal of Asian Studies Volume 76, Number 1, February 2017, Cambridge University Press.


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Ian Johnson "Chasing the Yellow Demon"


Research Articles

Jan Newberry "Anything Can Be used to Stimulate Cheld Development:  Early Childhood Education a dhe Development in Indonesia as a Durable Assemblage"


Robert P. weller and Keping Wu "On the Boundaries Between Good and Evil:  Constructing Multiple Moralities in China"


Lisa J. Arensen "The Dead in the Land:  Encounters with Bodies, Bones, and Ghost in Northwestern Cambodia"


Angeliki Andrea Kanavou and Kosal Path "The Lingering Effects of Thought Reform:  The Khmer Rouge S-21 Prison Personnel"


Brian A. Hatcher "Translation in the Zone of the Dubash: Colonial Mediations of Anwada"


Phillip P. Marzluf "Liberacy under Authority:  The Mongolian Cultural Campaigns"


Daniel Koss "Political Geography of Empire: Chinese Varieties of Local Government"


Nicolai Volland "Clandestine Cosmopolitanism: Foreign Literature in the People's Republic of China, 1957-1977"

Journal of Asian Studies Volume 76 Number 1 February 2017

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