Hamilton, Alexander and James Madison and John Jay.  The Federalist or The New Constitution Papbers by Alexander Hamilton James Madison & John Jay with an Introduction by Carl Van Doren.  Norwalk, CT: The Easton Press, 1979.  


Very Good Condition.  Leather Bound.  22K Gold accented edging.  Firm, unbroken spine.  No marks.  600 pages.  9.25" x 6" x 1.75"  Approx. Shipping Weight: 3 pounds.


"As The Federalist  is a lengthy book, its cream-white wove paper has been specially produced for thinness compinbed with opacity, yet with the toughness and durability characteristic of all volumes in this series of The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written." ....


"The American Revolution had driven British power out of the country and the governent was operating under the makeshift Articles of Confederation.  ....  A Continstitutional Convention was called for May, 1787...  The Constitution required ratification by nine out of the thirteen original states...."  The arguments concerning the Constitution  ...  "raged in the press, the legislature, and the state conventions.....  The ablest were the Federalist Papers, written in behalf of the new Constitution by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay, a series that has become a classic work on politics."

The Federalist 1787 - 88

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