The Journal of Asian Studies Volume 75, Number 4, November 2016 Cambridge University Press


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Asia Beyond the Headlines:  Julia Lovell.  "From Beijing to Palestine: Zhang Chengzhi's Journeys from Red Guarad Radicalism to Global Islam."


Reflections:  Sheldon Pollock....  JAS round Table on Amitav Ghosh, "The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable."


JAS at AAS:  The Cold War in Asia - Antecedents and Fallout


Alfred McCoy.  "Circles of Steel, Castles of Vanity:  The Geopolotics of Military Bases on the South China Sea."


Michael Bodden  "Making Circles of Steel and Catles of Vanity Possible:  The Cold war in the Longue Duree of "Modernity" "


Shampa Biswas "Stories of Hegemony:  The Political Stakes of the Rise and Decline of U.S. Power."


Michael Szonyi "The Cold War on the Ground: Reflections from Jimmen"


Alfred W. McCoy "A Rupture in Philippin- U.S. Relations:  Geopolitical Implications"


Research Articles


Hwisang Cho "The Epistolary Brush:  Letter Writing and Power in Choson Korea


Thomas Patton "Buddhist Salvation Armies as Vanguards of the Sasana:  Sorcerer Societies in Twentieth-Century Burma."


Journal of Asian Studies Volume 75 Number 4 November 2016

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