Tyson, Timothy B.  Blood Done Sign My Name.  New York:  Crown Publishers, 2004.


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Author, Timothy B. Tyson is a professor of Afro-American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The author’s father was a Methodist pastor at Oxford, North Carolina- on the day, May 11, 1970, that Henry Marrow, a 23-year-old veteran, walked into a crossroads store....  


Robert Teel, the owner, was a rough man with a criminal record and ties to the Ku Klux Kan.  Henry Morrow came running out of the store. Teel and two of his sons chased Marrow, beat him unmercifully, and killed him in public as he pleaded for his life. In the words of a local prosecutor: “They shot him like you or I would kill a snake.”


Like many small Southern towns, Oxford had barely been touched by the civil rights movement. But in the wake of the killing, young African Americans took to the streets, led by 22-year-old Ben Chavis, a future president of the NAACP. As mass protest crowed the town square, a cluster of returning Vietnam veterans organized what one termed a “military operation.” While lawyers battled in the courthouse that summer in a drama that one termeda Perry Mason kind of thing,” the Ku Klux Kan raged in the shadows and black veterans torched the town’s tobacco warehouses.


With large section of the town in flames, Tyson’s father, the pastor of Oxford’s all-white Methodist church, pressed his congregation to widen their vision of humanity and pushed the town to come to terms with its bloody racial history. In the end, however, the Tyson family was forced to move away…..


Years later, historian and professor – Tim Tyson returned to Oxford to ask Robert Teel why he and his sons had killed Henry Marrow….  

Blood Done Sign My Name A True Story

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